Climate Change, War in Ukraine, $31 Trillion Federal Debt, World-wide Inflation are Creating Unprecedented Risks and Opportunities for Commodity Producers and Investors. 


US Prsident Joe Biden and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 

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Walt's Team Offers the Following Brokerage Services

  • Coaching, guidance, and insight for those who wish to speculate or hedge on their own.
  • Specific advice and recommendations for those who seek professional management of their risk capital or product price risks.
  • Clearing through ADM Investor Services which provides trade execution, clear accounting, and an international research team.


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                                              The impulsive trader asks:

                                       "How much money will I make if I'm right?"

                                              The objective trader asks:

                                        "How much money can i lose if I'm wrong?"

                   The latter question is much more important to your trading success

                                                     ~ Robert Prechter       

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